Alison Graham

Alison Graham is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Voltan Capital Management. She serves as the manager of the flagship fund, determining the fund's overall investment themes and country allocations. Ms. Graham has over seventeen years experience in emerging markets finance as a portfolio manager, equity analyst and corporate advisor.

Throughout her career, she has specialised in frontier and early-stage markets, following their development into mainstream emerging markets. In 1995, Ms. Graham joined Caspian Securities, an investment bank dedicated to emerging markets, as a senior equity analyst for Latin America. In 1998, Ms. Graham relocated to Moscow, Russia to join United Financial Group as a senior analyst focusing on Russian equities. Since 2000, she has managed assets and served as a financial advisor to a variety of firms with interests in frontier countries. She spends much of her time conducting on-site company visits in the frontiers and is skilled at trading in low-liquidity environments. Ms. Graham holds a master's degree from the University of California at Berkeley, is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is fluent in six languages.

Thomas Kingston

Thomas Kingston began his career in the Diplomatic Missions Unit of the United Kingdom's Foreign Office. In 2003, Thomas moved to Baghdad where he was project manager for the International Centre for Reconciliation, a UK/US government-sponsored organization which mediated conflicts among Iraq's political, religious and tribal leaders and which negotiated the release of foreign and Iraqi hostages.

In 2006, Thomas joined Schroder's Asset Management in London. His division, the institutional European equities business, managed US$8bn in assets. Thomas joined Voltan Capital in October 2012. He has worked throughout the Middle East and travelled extensively in the frontiers including most of Africa and Asia. Thomas holds a bachelor's degree in economic history from Bristol University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.